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Short review Apcalis® Oral Jelly

Brand(s): Apcalis Oral Jelly
Manufacturer: Ajanta
Apcalis Oral Jelly is a medicine that is used in the cure for male impotence and erectile dysfunction. This drug possesses the improved chemical formula which is represented in a form of the jelly mixture. This drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical corporation Ajanta – the trusted Indian company that takes the leading position in the pharma industry. The main PDE 5 inhibitor of Apcalis Oral Jelly is Tadalafil. It is also known under the brand name Cialis. This medicine provides the erectile function for 36 hours.

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Detailed Information About Apcalis® Oral Jelly

Erectile dysfunction has a widespread nature. This sexual disorder affects the erectile function in men who experience certain psychological or physiological disorders. When men suffer from this disorder they cannot maintain an erection. Some men complaint about the absence of sexual libido that is one of the first ED signs. Men who suffer from obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, lobe temporal epilepsy and high or low blood pressure have all chances to get the problems with the erectile function.

ED Treatment

The cure of sexual disorders is often realized by the intake of certain ED medicines. The intake of ED drugs is prohibited for women. As you can remember, Samantha from TV serial “Sex and the City” wanted to make her sexual life more interesting and took Viagra before sexual intercourse. After its intake she could not control her emotions and seemed completely inadequate.

Some men avoid the intake of drugs and treat their problems of a sexual character by the natural treatments such as acupuncture, sports exercises, special food diet, the intake of herbal supplements and others. However, men are often ashamed to use some preventive methods and they do not treat erectile dysfunction at all. As a result, the stage of male impotence becomes so serious that the only way to cure the disease is a surgery.

Apcalis Oral Jelly

This method is used when treatment by ED drugs is not effective anymore. There are several variants of ED operation:

  • a doctor can implant a prosthetic device in the penis which mechanism causes an erection;
  • the arteries reconstruction increases the blood circulation and this process facilitates the erectile function;
  • the blockage of veins allows the blood to leave the male reproductive organ and this factor leads to the erectile stimulation.

Before the invention of Brand Viagra 100 mg, penile implants were the only method to cure ED caused by the physiological disorders. Nowadays, this method is rarely used as men prefer to try ways which are not so painful and expensive. You can buy cheap ED drugs in the online pharmacy. It was estimated that almost all men who have experienced such type of a surgery felt satisfaction.

There are 2 available types of the penile surgery: a semirigid or malleable rod implant and an inflatable implant. The first type of implants possesses such advantages: simple operation, cheaper implant, high efficiency, positive results in 80% of cases and the absence of moving parts. The second type will assure that the operation is effective for at least 7 years. In the case when it is not so, the companies provide lifetime warranties. However, men can experience the painful erection, high risk of an infectious disease, erosion of the implant through the skin and the urethra. As it was mentioned above, the operation is needed in rare cases, as the majority of men are prescribed to take ED drugs in the cure for male impotence.

Apcalis Oral Jelly

Pharmacological Action

This ED drug comprises the main enzyme inhibitor Tadalafil. This ingredient is effective in a male body for 36 hours like in the case of Brand Cialis 20 mg. Tadalafil is in the group of PDE 5 inhibitors. That means that this element prevents erectile dysfunction increasing the blood flow to the penis. An erection occurs before sexual activity when men have sexual desire. Tadalafil pills are very effective and have minimum side effects.

Indications of Tadalafil Jelly

This drug should be used only by those men who experience the problems with the erectile function. However, there are certain contraindications which can prevent the use of Apcalis Oral Jelly. This ED medicine has a form of an oral jelly. Such type of the medicine was specially invented for men who cannot swallow a simple pill. The intake of water is optional. One can easily take Tadalafil oral jelly without water.


Men who suffer from certain diseases are not allowed to take Apcalis Oral Jelly. Before the intake of the drug, it is obligatory to consult a doctor and ask him to examine the general state of health. Men with liver and kidney diseases, history of cardiac disorders, hypersensitivity to Tadalafil, high or low blood pressure and vision problems cannot use Apcalis Oral Jelly. You can buy cheap Tadalafil 20 mg with the discount in the online pharmacy.

Apcalis Interaction

Tadalafil oral jellies can interact with nitrate drugs, other ED medicines, HIV pills, drugs used in the cure of high or low blood pressure and tablets for yeast and fungal infections. The intake of alcohol does not influence the effect of Tadalafil. You can also buy Generic Levitra USA which includes 20 mg of Vardenafil

Side Effects

After the usage of the drug patients report about headache, dizziness, diarrhea, seizures, vision loss, redness, nausea and increased heartbeat. If one takes the prescribed dosage of Apcalis Oral Jelly the side effects are insufficient.

Brief description of Apcalis® Oral Jelly

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception
Tadalafil13615fatty foodsalcohol


grapefruit juice
circulatory system

liver failure
mild headache, dyspepsia, back pain, nasal congestion
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