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Short review Avana®

Brand(s): Avana
Manufacturer: Sunrise Remadies
Avana is a pill that is used in the cure for male impotence. The main PDE 5 inhibitor of Avana is Avanafil. This chemical ingredient provides sexual capacity for 6 hours. The manufacturer of Avana is the pharmaceutical corporation Sunrise Remedies. This ED medication can be used by men who suffer from diabetes and mellitus. The maximum dose of Avana is 50 mg of the main enzyme inhibitor Avanafil. Due to the improved formula, Avana affects the blood circulation in 15 minutes.

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Information About Avana®

Male impotence cannot occur by itself. This disease can be a side effect of certain medicines or as a result of an operation. Men who had an operation on their prostate often suffer from an inability to be sexually potent. Very often, the nerves that surround the prostate are damaged during the operation called prostatectomy. These nerves control the erectile function. That is why men tend to have erectile dysfunction.

Very often such disease of the endocrine system as diabetes influences the production of the hormones which control the normal operating of male sexual, mental and reproductive functions. As a result, men experience the problems with the erectile maintenance which can lead to male impotence. The psychological problems also lead to sexual disorders.

Men who are often affected by stressful situations can feel certain discomfort or event serious problems with the sexual function. Sexual disorders are also inherent to women. You can buy Intagra 100 mg for ED cure.

Male Impotence Tests

When men ask for the medical treatment, they should pass certain tests which help to define the nature of the sexual problems. First of all men are examined according to their physiological state of health. It is a simple procedure which includes the blood pressure test and several questions about the recent injuries and diseases. The penis examination is the important part of the physical test. A medical specialist checks the testicles according to their changes and sensitive reaction. A doctor also asks about the medicines which were used on a regular basis before erectile dysfunction.

Another type of ED test is nocturnal erection test. This method is used to define the erectile function at night. As the erectile function includes various systems which are required to achieve the erectile stimulation, an ability to maintain an erection at night will help to define the nature of the disease. During this test, a patient places a special ring on the penis which should be on the organ during all night. If men experience an erection at night, the type will separate. However, if the reason of ED is the problems with muscles, hormone level, blood vessels or nerves erectile dysfunction has a physiological character. In the famous TV serial “Sex and the City” Charlotte used this method on Tray to find out why he was sexually inactive. In the morning, she found out that her husband had night erections as the ring was separated, so the reason was psychological. After a month of a psychological therapy, they enjoyed their sexual life.

With the help of blood and urine tests, a doctor can define the diseases which cause male impotence. Such diseases are: diabetes, kidney disease, hormonal insufficiency and cardiac problems. Doctors can also examine the blood flow with the help of ultrasound. In some cases, the penis should be injected for the stimulation. In such way, ultrasound determines the way of the erectile function in men and the reaction of the penis on the increased blood flow.


Pharmacological Action

Avana includes a PDE 5 inhibitor called Avanafil. This enzyme inhibitor is effective in a male body for 6 hours. Avanafil has the same principle of work as other enzyme inhibitors. This chemical ingredient fills the penis with the blood due to the increased blood vessels which deliver more blood to the penis. Simultaneously, the blood vessels take the blood away from the male reproductive organ and decrease in size again. You can buy cheap Kamagra 100 mg with Sildenafil Citrate.

Indications of the Drug

The maximum dosage of Avanafil per 24 hours is 50 mg. One should take this dosage in 15 minutes before making love. As Avana has certain contraindications, it cannot be used without a doctor’s permission. Certain diseases may prevent the use of Avanafil USA for ED cure.


Men are prohibited from using Avanafil if they have certain physiological problems. These problems include: leukemia, vision loss, angina, anemia, liver or kidney diseases, peronei’s disease, cardiac disorders, allergic reaction to the chemical ingredient of Avanafil and hemophilia. In such case, men can use other options for ED cure as natural treatments, penile injections, muse or a surgery.


Avanafil are allowed for the intake together with alcohol, fatty meal and nitroglycerin. However, the use of some drugs together with Avanafil can influence a male organism in a negative way. Such drugs include: nitrate medicines, HIV pills, other ED medications and grapefruit juice. In this online pharmacy you can buy cheap Avana online.

Avana Side Effects

After the usage of Avana pills, men can feel some complications or negative consequences. In the majority of ED cases, these side effects are not dangerous. They are: headache, running nose, diarrhea, swelling, redness, mild catarrhal and problems with hearing. You can also purchase Levitra Oral Jelly. The innovative form of this drug is comfortable for those who do not like to swallow a tablet.

Brief Description of Avana®

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugAllow
simultaneous reception
Avanafil1 and more615diabetes mellitusalcohol

fatty foods
-mild headache, tide to face, nasal congestion
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