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Short review Levitra®

Brand(s): Levitra
Manufacturer: Bayer
Brand Levitra is a Vardenafil drug which effectively treats the problems of a sexual character and provides the erectile function. Nowadays, Vardenafil is exported under the brand name Levitra by the pharma company Bayer. In Italy this chemical ingredient is known as Vivanza.Brand Levitra is effective in the blood for 8-10 hours. Vardenafil can be used by men who experienced a prostate operation or who suffer from diabetes. This medicine is the most prescribed ED drug together with Viagra and Cialis.

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What is Levitra®?

Vardenafil 20 mg

Vardenafil is a chemical ingredient which was manufactured by three pharmaceutical corporations. They are Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough. Today Bayer possesses almost all rights for the production of Brand Levitra on the territory of the USA and in the European countries. As Vardenafil can cause dizziness, it is not recommended to drive after the intake of Brand Levitra. One should know that Levitra does not protect from the sexually transmittable diseases as HIV.

Male Anatomy Facts

The list of the following facts can appear to someone very strange and even ridiculous. However, these facts were proved in practice. It looks completely impossible but men can break their reproductive organ. Especially, it concerns those men who practice “acrobatic sex” when women are on the top. In the medical sphere this process is called the penile fracture. It occurs when membrane which is situated around the penile chamber breaks. This process leads to the rapid deflation of an erection and painful feelings. If the penile fracture is not treated in the proper way it can cause erectile dysfunction and the penis deformations.

Who does not like to ride a bike? It is a great method to keep a body in shape. However, the fact is that a skinny seat of a bicycle can put enough pressure on the penis and, as a result, a man can feel the problems with the erectile maintenance. These narrow seats make the whole weight of a body concentrate on the pelvis. As we know, the pelvis is used to supply the blood circulation and nerves to the penis. It is better to buy a seat that supports the bottom.

It was estimated that the majority of the male population in the USA is circumcised. However, this tendency is not supported as it was before. According to the data only 30 % of men have circumcised reproductive organs since their childhood. Another one interesting fact proves that a marathon sex is not typical to men at all. The stories that sexual intercourse can last for hours are not truthful. According to the study made by the scientists from Canada, the normal duration of sexual activity should be from 7 to 13 minutes. You may say that the hero of TV serial “Friends” Joey was a sex giant, but we assume that he could not be so active without the wonder pills called Cialis Daily. These pills include Tadalafil as the main active ingredient.


Pharmacological Action

As it was mentioned above, Brand Levitra is a Vardenafil drug. This medicine influences a male organism in the same way as other enzyme inhibitors. Vardenafil provides sexual capacity up to 12 hours. The time operating depends on the individual body characteristics of a patient. For example, Levitra Soft 20 mg manufactured by Dadha Pharma possesses the longest efficiency in a male body due to the improved chemical composition and a form of a pill.

Indications of Vardenafil Pills

Brand Levitra should be used by men who previously consulted a doctor. Vardenafil pills should be taken only according to the prescriptions of a doctor because certain diseases may prevent Levitra intake. The daily dosage of the chemical ingredient is 20 mg. It is not allowed to take more than 20 mg of Vardenafil even if you missed a dose. Vardenafil tablets can be used only in the cure for male impotence. The efficiency of this drug was proved by Food and Drug Administration. You can buy cheap Brand Levitra with the discount online.


Levitra pills are not allowed for the usage by men who suffer from hypersensitive reaction to Vardenafil and other components in the chemical composition of Brand Levitra. This drug is also prohibited for those who have heart failure, priapism, liver disorders and peronei’s disease. Before the intake of Vardenafil 20 mg make sure that you do not have the diseases mentioned above.


The Vardenafil tablets can interact with such medicines as nitrate drugs and other Vardenafil pills. The intake of fatty food, alcohol and grapefruit juice together with Brand Levitra can harm the general state of health.

Levitra Side Effects

The side effects that can occur after the usage of Brand Levitra are common to the majority of ED medications. They include headache, dizziness, running nose, redness of the face, chest pain, muscle pain, irregular heartbeat, seizures, back pain, dyspepsia and sudden loss of vision. The insufficient side effects may disappear within an hour after the intake of Vardenafil pills. However, in the case when the side effects last more than 1 hour, it is necessary to ask for the immediate treatment. You can also buy Generic Levitra 20 mg that is more affordable in price and have the same drug characteristics of the brand medication.

Brief Description of Levitra®

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception

fatty foods

grapefruit juice

circulatory system
mild headache, dyspepsia, back pain, nasal congestion
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