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Short review Generic Casodex

Brand(s): Calutide
Manufacturer: Cipla
The pharmaceutical company Cipla invented the medicine which can treat prostate cancer if used with other hormonal medicines. This medicine is called Generic Casodex and it comprises the active component Bicalutamide. Casodex is also used to treat tumors and it leads to the suppression of the excessive androgenic activity. The drug provides tumor regression that arises in the prostate gland. Generic Casodex is manufactured in a form of a simple tablet.

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All About Generic Casodex

Interesting Facts about Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects the prostate operation in men and leads to the problems with the urinating process. This cancer type is the most widespread among old and even young men. Some sources say that young men have the only one option to prevent the disorder - to do castration. Let us hope that the author of the article was not serious writing this. However, the facts about this disease are really striking and the majority of them were proved in practice:

Unfortunately, men can die with this disease without knowing the real reason as prostate cancer can have no side effects during a long time. This disease affects the male prostate starting from 50 years old. Such famous people as Frank Zappa, Bill Bixby, and Dan Fogelberg died at the age of 50-60 because of prostate cancer. There are the most interesting facts about this disease:

  • prostate cancer is more inherent to African Americans. These men experience more aggressive and dangerous disease symptoms;

  • September was officially named as the cancer awareness month by President George Bush in 2013;
  • if you receive radiation, you have all chances to get bladder and rectal cancer;
  • it is a fact that the normal size of the prostate is similar to walnut. However, it can increase with age to the lemon size or even larger;
  • prostate cancer takes the second position of the male deaths in the USA after lung cancer;
  • the amount of black men who experience prostate cancer is bigger than in any other race. This fact is still not fully understood by the scientists. Some say that it is connected with the higher level of testosterone;

  • men who have in their families mothers or sisters with breast cancer are likely to suffer from prostate cancer;
  • every year forty thousand women die from breast cancer and twenty five thousands of men - from prostate cancer.

Traditional Methods of Prostate Cancer Cure

One of the most common ways used in the prevention of prostate cancer is the operation called radical prostatectomy. During this operation, the doctors remove the prostate gland. Unfortunately, one of the common side effects is erectile dysfunction that can be treated by ED drugs. You can buy Cialis Super Active online that is produced in a form of a gel capsule. Men can also treat this disease with the help of chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Not so widespread alternative for prostate cancer cure is radiation and ultrasound therapies.


Pharmacological Action

The active element in the chemical composition of Generic Casodex inhibits the androgynous activity and leads to the regression of tumors which arise in the prostate. Bicalutamide effectively treats the symptoms of prostate cancer if combined with other medications, especially with the hormonal drugs. This medicine helps to prevent the tumors and metastases proliferation in the bone tissue. Here, you can buy cheap Generic Casodex with the discount.


The intake of Casodex USA should be prescribed by your medical specialist. The medicine dosage may be changed but only if a medical specialist decided so. Usually, Casodex pills are used on a daily basis. Do not use more than one tablet of Casodex per 24 hours. It can be used in the morning or at night. It is better to establish the schedule of the pill intake. The food intake does not affect the action of Generic Casodex. During the treatment period it is necessary to test the blood.


It is not allowed to use Generic Casodex if you have the history of liver diseases, diabetes or if you experience hypersensitive reaction to the ingredients in the chemical formula of the medicine. Casodex is prohibited for women. This medicine can also cause the birth defects in pregnant women. Avoid driving as this drug can cause dizziness. The excessive exposure to the sun lights can also influence a male body in a negative way.

Casodex Interaction

The usage of Generic Casodex with nitrates may lead to the occurrence of certain side effects. It is also forbidden to take Casodex pills with alcohol. Vitamins and herbal products are also prohibited simultaneously with Generic Casodex. If you suffer from male impotence try Kamagra Effervescent 100 mg This drug includes a PDE 5 inhibitor called Sildenafil Citrate.

Drug Side Effects

If you feel the allergic reaction to Casodex, ask for the immediate medical help. Other side effects of Generic Casodex include stomach pain, swelling, liver problems, fever, high blood sugar, hot flashes, weakness, running nose, diarrhea and low red blood cells. Such BPH drug as Generic Cardura is also very effective against the enlarged prostate.

Brief Description of Generic Casodex

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugNot allow
simultaneous reception
Bicalutamide12460elevated blood pressurealcohol

circulatory system


nervous system disorders
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