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Short review Generic Eulexin

Brand(s): Flutide / Cytomid
Manufacturer: Samarth / Cipla
Two great pharma companies Samarth and Cipla invented the innovative drug in the field of prostate cancer treatment called Generic Eulexin. This medicine does not have a steroidal nature. This drug possesses anti-androgenic activity and prevents the problems with the male prostate including prostate cancer. Generic Eulexin has the limited number of contraindications and starts its action in a body within 60 minutes after the usage of a tablet. This medicine is available online with the discount. Generic Eulexin does not demand a doctor’s prescription.

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250mg × 60 pills $1.81 $108.33
250mg × 90 pills $1.60 $144.45
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Generic Eulexin

Prostate cancer is the most widespread cancer type among men in the USA. The statistic of this disease is very impressive. It was estimated that every 2.5 minutes one man gets the problems with his prostate and every 17 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer. Is not it scaring and creepy at the same time? Even American Government considers this disease as very dangerous and it makes attempts to change this horrible statistic. There is a special organization called Prostate Cancer Foundation that supports men with the symptom prostate cancer. During past twelve years, this organization spent 230 million dollars on the scientific studies that attempted to find the way to cure aggressive prostate cancer. Only in 2014, the American Government spent 500 million dollars in the sphere for prostate cancer cure.

Men in the age of sixty have the highest risk to get such disease as prostate cancer. Unfortunately, this disorder can affect even men of 30-40 years old. It is believed that a sexual minority of men is not affected by prostate cancer as often as another part of the male population as their prostate is often massaged. We assume that the heroes of the TV serial “Queer as Folk” had no problems connected with their prostate. However, these men have a high risk to suffer from HIV. Nevertheless, prostate cancer can be prevented by natural treatments including a diet.

Preventive Methods

It is a fact that red food including tomatoes can prevent the spread of prostate cancer. Red products are rich in the antioxidant called lycopene. Studies show that men who use food based on tomatoes have the lower risk of getting prostate cancer. Some scientists say that tomatoes provide faster absorption of lycopene. The brighter red color of tomato provides better absorption of this element by a male body. The same is about different fruits and vegetables. Their nutrients and vitamins are useful in the prevention prostate cancer. Green vegetables consist of compounds that break down the carcinogens – the substances that lead to the cancer formation.

The intake of certain fish can also decrease the chances to have prostate cancer. It concerns such fish as tuna, trout, salmon, sardines and mackerel. They include the fatty acid called omega-3. The scientific group from the California University proved that low-fat diet together with fish oil supplements prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells. Such nutrients as isoflavones are helpful in the treatment for prostate cancer. Such products as chickpeas, tofu, peanuts, lentils and alfalfa sprouts contain these nutrients. Some scientists consider green tea as one of the preventive methods against prostate cancer.


Pharmacological Action

Eulexin is also known under the generic name Flutamide. It is the antiandrogen that is used in the cure for prostate cancer. However, this medicine treats this disease in the combination with other hormonal drugs. This chemical ingredient prevents the activity of androgens or so-called male hormones. You can buy this medication online with the discount.

Eulexin Indications

The usage of Eulexin should be prescribed by a medical specialist. This drug can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription but it is recommended to examine an organism before the use of Generic Eulexin. Any problem connected with liver functioning prevents the usage of this medicine. Usually, Flutamide is taken every eight hours. You can also treat prostate cancer or other problems connected with the prostate with the help of cheap Generic Avodart that is available on the online pharmacy.


The only one contraindication of Generic Eulexin is the problems with liver such as liver failure. If you take the medicine you need to make regular blood tests. The intake of Eulexin pills can affect the operating of your liver. Cheap Eulexin pills are available on this site.

Flutamide Interaction

This medicine can interact with certain drugs and affect the general state of health in a negative way. It is recommended to avoid the simultaneous intake of Generic Eulexin with certain vitamins and herbal supplements. Before the intake of this medicine tell your doctor if you use any other medications on a regular basis. Such BPH medicine as Generic Proscar is also available online.

Side Effects

With the first signs of an allergic reaction after the use of Eulexin tablets, ask for the immediate medical help. Such first symptoms include hives, rash, problems with vision and swelling. Other side effects of the medicine are: upper stomach pain, hot flashes, diarrhea, jaundice, dark urine, itching, loss of appetite and impotence or absence of sexual desire. The last symptom can be treated by the intake of Generic Levitra Soft 20 mg. It is a Vardenafil medicine.

Brief description of Generic Eulexin

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugNot allow
simultaneous reception
Flutamide3860elevated blood pressurealcohol

circulatory system


nervous system disorders
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