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Short review Generic Flomax

Brand(s): Veltam
Manufacturer: Intas
Intas Pharmaceuticals invented the medicine that is capable of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia or so-called enlarged prostate. This medicine is Generic Flomax. Its active ingredient Tamsulosin comprises the group of alpha-blockers which relax the prostate muscles and provide the conditions for the normal urinating process. This medicine improves urination and prevents the enlarged prostate. Generic Flomax is not allowed for women and children. Before its intake, read the prescription label.

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0.2mg × 60 pills $0.70 $42.11
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0.2mg × 120 pills $0.65 $78.23
0.2mg × 180 pills $0.64 $114.34
0.2mg × 360 pills $0.61 $219.69

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Generic Flomax

The Enlarged Prostate in Dogs

The enlarged prostate is often called benign prostatic hyperplasia. The word “hyperplasia” means – increased in size. This disease is inherent not only to men but also to the dogs in particular. Men are affected by this disorder in older age. The same is with the dogs. BPH affects the prostate gland of dogs. Almost half of dogs in the age of 5 experience the problems with their prostate function. In the age of 6 this statistic grows in 10%. And by the age of nine almost 95% of dogs experience the enlarged prostate.

Fortunately, dogs do not experience painful feelings and that is why there is no particular treatment for BPH. However, the owners of these dogs are recommended to add in the food saw palmetto that is an herbal supplement. To the record, this herb is also efficient in the prevention of BPH in men. If an owner wants to avoid the surgical operation of his pet he should feed a dog with the following list of beneficial products: pumpkin seeds, lycopene, natural vitamin E, selenium and nettle extract.

Forbidden Food Products

The enlarged prostate can be prevented by the intake of certain products. However, this disease may be caused by some food as well. The first “forbidden fruit” is beef and other delicious burgers that are so tasty and seducing. It is a pity, but red meat is considered to be the first risky product that may lead to BPH and other problems with the male prostate. Carcinogens, which are supposed to cause several types of cancer, are found in cooked meat. These are the compounds that are produced during meat grilling or frying. We understand that it is hard to say NO to such products as hot dog, pork, beef, lunchmeats and sausages, but it is the time to grow up and prove that you are real men who do not depend on something or somebody.

According to the report of the World Cancer Research Fund made in 2008, the dairy products present danger to the male urinating function. They provide cell proliferation in the prostate which can result in prostate cancer. The intake of alcohol is often the reason for cancer development. It was estimated that men who are thought to be “heavy-drinkers” have the chance to suffer from prostate cancer. The research participants consumed only dark beer, so there is no clear evidence about other alcohol drinks such as wine.

Saturated fats, which are considered to cause cardiac diseases, can also lead to the problems with the prostate. Such food products as: dairy, salad dressings, baked goods, processed food and meat include a lot of saturated fats. These products can be substituted by such safe products for your prostate as: avocado, seeds, olive oil, nuts and canola oil.


Pharmacological Action

Generic Flomax makes the process of urinating easier for men who suffer from the enlarged prostate. Tamsulosin tablets affect a male body relaxing the muscles in the bladder neck and the prostate. This relaxation results in the normal urinating process. You can order cheap Generic Flomax online with the discount.

Indications of Flomax

Take this medicine exactly as prescribed by your medical specialist. Follow the instructions on the prescription label of Generic Flomax. Before the intake of Flomax tablets, it is recommended to examine the general state of health. According to a prescription label, Flomax should be taken once per 24 hours in 30 minutes after the meal intake. Flomax capsule should be swallowed. Try to make some schedule of the capsules intake. You can buy cheap Generic Avodart on the online pharmacy for BPH cure.


If you are allergic to Tamsulosin, the usage of Flomax capsules is forbidden. Other medical conditions that prevent the intake of the medicine are: diseases of the circulatory system (high or low blood pressure or sickle cell anemia), liver disorders and problems with the kidneys.

Tamsulosin Interaction

This chemical ingredient can interact with certain medicines. Some of these drugs also treat benign prostatic hyperplasia. It concerns such medications as Uroxatral, Cardura, Minipress, Rapaflo and Hytrin by Intas. The intake of alcohol and nitric drugs is also not allowed simultaneously with Flomax capsules.

Side Effects

Be careful taking Flomax as it leads to some side effects. They include dizziness, problems with the erectile function, running nose, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, headache, chest pain, back pain, problems with vision, insomnia and weakness. This drug decreases the interest in sexual activity. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you can try ED medicines. The most widespread ED drugs are Brand Levitra 20 mg, Viagra and Cialis.

Brief description of Generic Flomax

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugNot allow
simultaneous reception
Tamsulosinindividually2460elevated blood pressurealcohol

circulatory system


drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, problems with ejaculation
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