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Short review Hard On Oral Jelly

Brand(s): Hard On® Oral Jelly
Manufacturer: Aurochem
Hard On Oral Jelly is another jelly version of Sildenafil Citrate. The pharma corporation Aurochem invented this jelly ED medicine for men who refuse to take simple tablets. A form of an oral jelly provides better dissolution of an enzyme inhibitor. Moreover, a jelly version of the medicine Hard On possesses a wide range of various tastes. This advantage makes Sildenafil oral jelly even more attractive in the eyes of the customers. Due to the innovative pill form, the process of the pill intake is comfortable and tasty.

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Sildenafil and Wine

Almost every drug invented to cure erectile dysfunction has such contraindication as the alcohol intake. However, a lot of people cannot imagine their romantic date without a bottle of wine. Unfortunately, this set of romance is often followed by the intake of the famous blue pills called Brand Viagra. Today, there is the necessity of further research works in this sphere. Still, men are allowed to drink one wineglass together with Sildenafil drugs.

However, there is certain misunderstanding. One of the major factors that cause erectile dysfunction is alcohol. So, how is it possible that men who suffer from sexual dysfunction can take ED medicines with alcohol drinks? To the record, the British population calls Viagra “brewer’s droop”. This nomination indicates the necessity to avoid alcohol while taking blue tablets.

Alcohol Abuse

In general, male reproductive and sexual functions can be affected by the alcohol intake. It has been proved by the researchers from Loyola University 25 years ago. The level of testosterone and estrogen is closely connected with sexual capacity of men. The usage of alcohol lowers the amount of testosterone and increases the level of estrogen. Testosterone is responsible for the sperm and sexual organs development in men.

Estrogen is more inherent to women as it is responsible for the female sexual possibilities and their reproductive function. The combination of lowered testosterone level and high estrogen in your body may feminize you and make similar to Peter Griffin in a cartoon “Family Guy”. In the result, you can get such symptoms as the increased belly and breasts together with the loss of body hair.

Alcohol can also influence your prostate characteristics. As the prostate is also closely connected with the male sexual function, its disorders may lead to erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can cause such diseases as prostatitis and the prostate gland inflammations. In the result of such disorders, a man can experience painful feelings, difficulties with urination, swelling and male impotence. The penis testicles can also be affected by the usage of alcohol drinks. It can cause the testicles atrophy or shrinkage. Such symptoms harm the quality and quantity of sperm production. With time such symptoms may cause male infertility. The intake of alcohol can be safe if you do not drink a bottle of wine or beer every day.

Information About Hard On® Oral Jelly

Hard On Oral Jelly

Pharmacological Action

Sildenafil oral jelly starts its dissolution right in the oral cavity. Due to such innovative form of a medication, the intake of water is optional. Sildenafil affects the male circulatory system and improves the blood flow to the penis. The erectile stimulation occurs due to sexual arousal in men. Doctors recommend taking Sildenafil tablets according to a prescription label. If you are interested in this drug, you can order cheapest Hard On Oral Jelly online with the discount.

Sildenafil Jelly Indications

Each jelly sachet of Hard On includes 100 mg of Sildenafil. It is a daily dose of the medicine for one man. Do not use more than the prescribed dosage of Hard On Oral Jelly. Some doctors say that starting with 50 mg of Sildenafil as an initial dosage is quite reasonable for the beginner. Take an oral jelly in 30-60 minutes before making love. Enjoy your erectile function for 6 hours. You can also use Tadalis Sx 20 mg for ED cure. This drug comprises Tadalafil 20 mg that is effective for 36 hours.


Peronei’s disease, hypersensitivity to the chemical ingredients of Hard On and problems with the circulatory system prevent the intake of Sildenafil Oral Jelly. If you suffer from certain genetic diseases or penis deformation, tell your doctor before the dose prescription. If you experience patter baldness, you can buy Generic Propecia online that is used in the cure for hair loss.

Interaction of the medicine

Hard On Oral Jelly may interact with other ED pills and nitrate drugs. Avoid the combination of the medication with alcohol drinks, fatty meal and grapefruit juice. If you take some herbs or vitamins, tell your doctor before the usage of Hard On Oral Jelly.

Side Effects

There are a few side effects that can occur after the use of the medication. The patients report about dyspepsia, dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, redness, headache and priapism. However, these side effects should disappear in 60 minutes as they do not demand medical treatment. You can try Cialis Super Force for ED cure. This medicine has in its chemical composition Dapoxetine and Tadalafil.

Brief description of Hard On Oral Jelly

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception
Sildenafil14-630-60elevated blood pressurealcohol

fatty foods


grapefruit juice

circulatory system

peyronie's disease
mild headache, dyspepsia, priapism
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