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Short review Generic Hytrin

Brand(s): Hytrin / Terapress
Manufacturer: Abbott / Intas
Intas Pharmaceuticals and Abbot invented the medicine in the sphere of prostate cancer cure. This innovative medicine is called Generic Hytrin. This drug comprises the group of alpha-adrenergic blockers. The main ingredient in the chemical formula of the drug is Terazosin. This component provides the veins and arteries relaxation and improves the blood circulation. Generic Hytrin is used to prevent cancer, treat high blood pressure and cure the symptoms of the enlarged prostate.

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1mg × 120 pills $1.00 $120.37
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Generic Hytrin

Ejaculation Prevents Prostate Cancer

The scientists presented the new data on prostate cancer prevention at Urological Association of the USA in 2015. According to their report, the ejaculating process reduces the risk of prostate cancer. As this theory had been studied for several years, the scientific group reported that 3839 men got the diagnosis of incident prostate cancer and 384 men died because of this disease.

However, during the experiment, the participants were asked to make a report about their ejaculations, in particular about the frequency of the ejaculating process per month. The scientists have found out that men who ejaculated at least twenty one times per month improved their health characteristics and lowered the risk of prostate cancer development.

Famous Men with Prostate Cancer

Even celebrities, who are supposed to have a lot of money, cannot prevent the development of such horrible disease as prostate cancer. A lot of famous men share their experience with people who are devoted to their creative work and carreer. The sexy icon and great actor Robert De Niro was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his 60-s. Fortunately, the stage of cancer was initial, so it was possible to treat it by certain therapy treatments. Even after such horrible experience, Robert became a father of his 6-th child at the age of sixty eight.

Ryan O’Neal is another outstanding actor who experienced not only prostate cancer but also leukemia. In 2001, he treated leukemia with a special cancer drug. In 2012, he got the diagnose "prostate cancer". According to the interview with the actor, he got the fourth cancer stage. However, he was cured by targeted cryotherapy that is optional to special medicines that often have a lot of side effects. In the age of 74, Ryan was back on the screen.

If you are Yankees fan, you should know Joe Torre- the famous manager of this team. In 1999, he was diagnosed with the aggressive form of prostate cancer. In his interview he admitted that he was scared because a lot of questions about this disease had not been answered. Joe told that his wife and friends were a great support to him during that difficult period. Read more on http://www.everydayhealth.com. As you see, such diagnose as “prostate cancer” does not mean that it is the end of your life. The support and care of your close friends, spouse and relatives can help you to overcome this disease. However, the appropriate treatment therapy is also needed.


Pharmacological Action

The chemical ingredient of Hytrin influences the blood circulation to the arteries and veins. Due to such process, the blood can easily pass through them. Generic Hytrin leads to the muscles relaxation of the bladder neck and prostate. As a result, it is easier to urinate. This medicine can improve urination in men who suffer from BPH. Hytrin is also capable of curing hypertension that has such symptom as high blood pressure. You can buy cheap Generic Hytrin online with the discount.

Indications of Hytrin

The intake and dosage of Generic Hytrin should be prescribed by a medical specialist. Take this medicine following the prescription label. If you use Hytrin tablets, it is obligatory to check your prostate and blood pressure. The prescribed dose can be changed only by your doctor. If you stop using the medicine and then take it again, ask your doctor for the dose adjustment.


Hytrin cannot be used by men who experience hypersensitive reaction to this medicine. If you have certain problems with the circulatory system, the usage of Generic Hytrin is prohibited. Liver and kidney diseases prevent the intake of Terazosin drugs. You can buy another medicine for BPH treatment called Generic Avodart. This medcine is a product of Cipla and Intas Pharmaceuticals.

Terazosin Interaction

Drugs that are used in the field of ED treatment are prohibited with the simultaneous intake of Generic Hytrin These medicines are: Brand Levitra 20 mg, Viagra, Cialis and their generic analogs. The drugs that include such chemical ingredient as verapamil are not allowed with the medicine. Tell your doctor if you use certain herbal supplements or vitamins.

Side Effects

As men often report about such side effect of Terazosin as dizziness, it is not recommended to drive after the intake of Generic Hytrin pills. Other side effects of this medicine include nausea, headache, blurred vision, weakness, swelling, a painful penis erection, fainting and increased heartbeat. Some side effects demand the emergent medical cure. If you feel that these symptoms do not disappear, go to hospital. ED can also be cured by Apcalis Oral Jelly USA - a Tadalafil drug.

Brief description of Generic Hytrin

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugNot allow
simultaneous reception
Terazosin12460elevated blood pressurealcohol

circulatory system


drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness, problems with ejaculation
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