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Short review Generic Levitra

Brand(s): Filitra / Vardenafil Tablets
Manufacturer: Dadha Pharma / Unicure Remedies / Sunrise
Nowadays, one can buy the generic version of Brand Levitra. Three pharmaceutical companies produce Generic Levitra on the pharma market. They are Sunrise Remedies, Dadha Pharma and Unicure Remedies. Generic Levitra has all the necessary drug characteristics for the effective ED treatment. This drug got the approval from FDA for ED cure. The main enzyme of this medicine is Vardenafil 20 mg. Generic Vardenafil pills are effective in men's body for 10 hours. Generic Levitra possesses the improved onset of action.

10mg × 10 pills $2.21 $22.10
10mg × 20 pills $1.84 $36.84
10mg × 30 pills $1.72 $51.59
10mg × 60 pills $1.64 $98.27
10mg × 90 pills $1.51 $136.35
10mg × 120 pills $1.36 $163.38
10mg × 180 pills $1.21 $217.43

20mg × 10 pills $2.41 $24.06
20mg × 20 pills $2.11 $42.11
20mg × 30 pills $1.99 $59.56
20mg × 60 pills $1.93 $115.55
20mg × 90 pills $1.81 $162.50
20mg × 120 pills $1.66 $198.62
20mg × 180 pills $1.50 $270.86

40mg × 10 pills $3.68 $36.84
40mg × 20 pills $3.32 $66.33
40mg × 30 pills $3.03 $90.90
40mg × 60 pills $2.83 $169.52
40mg × 90 pills $2.68 $240.77
40mg × 120 pills $2.42 $289.91

Generic Levitra

Impotence and History

For the first time, a word “impotence” was used in 1655 in the meaning of the potency loss. Thomas Fuller called the Pope impotent in his work “The church history of Britain”. In the modern society, this term has the same meaning and marks an inability of men to maintain an erection. The first reference to male impotence can be found in the Bible. The God doomed the legendary King David for this horrible disease because of his flagitious affair. As history says, David fell in love with Bathsheba, who was married.

David decided to send her husband to war as he was a great warlord. When Bathsheba’s husband died, David seduced her and became her second man. After such actions, David lost his sexual abilities. Even his new concubine could not help to stimulate his erection. However, the God forgave David when he confessed to his crime.

The contemporary scientists and doctors know much more information about male impotence that it was before. As one of the reasons that lead to sexual dysfunction, they name psychological reasons, as in the case with David. However, the most widespread reason of ED is physiological disorders such as arterial hypertension, diseases of the blood circulation, diabetes, problems with weight and others.

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks had their methods in the treatment for erectile dysfunction. The doctors from Egypt colored the male reproductive organ with the decoction of hibiscus flowers. Today, these flowers are used for the production of Hibiscus tea. The bright rose color symbolized the penis filled with the blood flow as in the case of the natural erectile function. The ancient Greeks used fern seeds in the cure for sexual dysfunction. They dipped the inactive male sexual organ into the decoction of this seeds for several hours.

In the Middle Ages, everything was not so complicated. If something happened with male sexual capacity it was a fault of a witch. The horrible fact is that a man could return his sexual function only if a witch was burnt alive. Another manuscript of that time suggested pouring the floor around a bed with fish bile. Today, the methods used in the cure for erectile dysfunction are more civilized. The intake of ED medications, surgery, penile pumps, implants, muse, injections and natural treatments can help to overcome this disease. However, if you are stubborn to believe that the modern medicine is effective, you may try the methods used thousands of years ago.

Generic Levitra

Pharmacological Action

Generic Vardenafil tablets have the same principle of action as Brand Levitra. They affect an organism by providing the blood circulation to the penis. In the result of the improved blood flow, the muscles that surround the sexual organ of men are relaxed enough to stimulate the erectile function. With Vardenafil usage you can be sexually active for 8-10 hours. If you are interested in this medicine you can buy Generic Levitra with the discount online.

Indications of Vardenafil tablets

Take the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. Do not use more than 20 mg of Vardenafil per day. The dosage of the drug should be prescribed not to harm the state of health of a man with ED. Generic analog of Brand Levitra 20 mg can be used only in the case when men suffer from the problems with the erectile maintenance.


The allergic reaction to Vardenafil is quite rare. However, some men experience this disorder. In this case, the usage of generic Vardenafil is prohibited. It is also forbidden to take the medicine if you have cardiac or kidney diseases, liver failure and problems with vision. Vardenafil is the only one PDE 5 inhibitor that can be used by men with diabetes and those who experienced a surgery on their prostate. You can order cheap Cialis Super Active on the online pharmacy.


Take only the prescribed dosage of Generic Levitra to avoid the negative consequences of the overdose. In the case of overdose, ask for the appropriate treatment.

Interaction of Levitra

The majority of ED drugs are contraindicated with the use of alcohol and fatty meal. However, in the case of Generic Levitra, the usage of these products is allowed. However, avoid nitrate drugs, other Vardenafil medications and grapefruit juice in the combination with Generic Levitra.

Side Effects

Such symptoms as nasal congestion, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, blurred vision, increased heartbeat, swelling, muscle pain and redness may appear after the intake of generic Vardenafil. You may try Trial Packs to decide what kind of a medication fits your health characteristics.

Brief description of Generic Levitra

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception

fatty foods

grapefruit juice
hypersensitivitymild headache, dyspepsia, back pain, nasal congestion
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