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MINIPRESS is a drug used for the therapeutic treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is better known in the world market under the name of Prazosin.
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Short review Generic Minipress

Brand(s): Minipress XL / Prazopress
Manufacturer: Pfizer / Sun Pharma
Such leaders on the pharmaceutical market as Pfizer and Sun Pharma invented another effective drug used in the cure for BPH and the symptoms of the enlarged prostate. This medicine is called Generic Minipress. The enlarged prostate hinders men from the normal urinating process. That is why it is obligatory to treat the enlarged glands. Moreover, the ignorance of BPH symptoms can lead to the problems with the sexual and reproductive functions in men. Generic Minipress includes Prazosin as the main ingredient in its chemical formula.

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Generic Minipress

Prostate Cancer in Homosexuals

A lot of people believe that such disease as the enlarged prostate is not inherent to homosexuals as they practice the prostate massage. It is the truth that in such way these men decrease the risk of prostate cancer. However, it does not mean that homosexuals do not experience this horrible disease. The advantage to prefer men is that prostate cancer can be revealed on the early stage comparing with the heterosexuals.

According to the study of the Canadian scientists, this is a real tendency. However, in such way homosexuals experience the unpleasant operation earlier than men who prefer women. The researchers studied two groups of the volunteers. The first group included heterosexuals who experienced an operation on their prostate. Another group consisted of men who practiced sexual relationships with other men after the prostate cancer treatment. The average age of these patients was 57 years old. The results of the study have shown that homosexuals discovered and treated cancer earlier and they had more problems connected with the methods of the prostate gland removal.

Femininity of Napoleon

Everyone knows about the love story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his beloved Josephine. However, some of his habits indicated the hidden homosexual propensity. The history says that Napoleon did not punish the officers that were homosexuals. He also rejected to change the legal system of France toward the hardening of the policy concerning men with a “different” sexual orientation. During 6 years, the personal batman of Napoleon - Gaspard Gourgaud – was showing his jealousy toward the extra attention of other men to the famous general. He called the emperor as “Her Majesty”.

Another curious fact about Napoleon was suggested by the famous American endocrinologist Robert Greenblatt. The doctor assumed that the Emperor was not poisoned by arsenic. Another version of Napoleon’s death – cancer – is also untruthful. Robert said that Bonaparte died because of the hormonal disease that changed a body of the general into a female one during his lifetime. The various symptoms of the Emperor that occurred at the age of 12, indicated on “Zollinger-Ellison disease”. This disorder led to the hormonal imbalance and changed a gender of this historical personality. The lethargic state and the difficulties with the urination during the Battle of Moscow, swollen feet before the Battle of Borodino, the strongest stomach pain in Dresden, his fatigue and neuralgia in Leipzig, the lack of initiative and apathy during the Battle of Waterloo were the symptoms that indicated the change of Napoleon’s sex.


Pharmacological Action

Minipress affects the male prostate and improves the process of urination with the help of Prazosin. This chemical ingredient comprises the group of the alpha-adrenergic blockers. Generic Minipress provides the relaxation of veins and arteries. Due to this process, the blood can easily pass through them. This blocker is also used in the cure for high blood pressure. Generic Minipress can cure and prevent the enlarged prostate signs if it is regularly used. You can buy this BPH medicine with the discount on the online pharmacy.

Indications of Generic Minipress

The dosage of Minipress tablets can be changed by a doctor during the therapy course to improve the common results. However, it is necessary to take the medicine according to the prescriptions of your doctor. Check your blood and prostate on prostate cancer during the treatment by Minipress. Prazosin tablets are used three times a day. You can also cure BPH by Generic Hytrin pills that contain the active component Terazosin.


If you experience hypertension, the diseases of the circulatory system, prostate cancer, liver and kidney disorders and heart diseases do not use this medicine. If you have the problems with the erectile maintenance use such effective ED drug as Viagra Super Active. Due to a gel form of a Sildenafil capsule, the main component dissolves faster than in the original drug.

Prazosin Interaction

If you use such medicines as Uroxatral USA, Flomax, Hytrin or other drug invented for BPH treatment, do not take Minipress tablets. The intake of the medicines invented for blood pressure cure is also forbidden. The drugs with the ingredient propranol cannot be used simultaneously with Generic Minipress.

Side Effects

Men can experience certain side effects after the usage of Generic Minipress tablets. These side effects include a headache, dizziness, redness of the face, weakness, disorders of the nervous system and the problems with the circulatory system.

Brief description of Generic Minipress

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugNot allow
simultaneous reception
Prazosin3860elevated blood pressurealcohol

circulatory system

nervous system disorders, violation of the circulatory system
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