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Short review Generic Premarin

Brand(s): Conjugase
Manufacturer: Elder
Such disorder of a female body as menopause influences the level of estrogen and can lead to an inability to have children. As every woman has the natural gift to give birth, it is unfair to deprive her of that possibility. Such medication as Generic Premarin is capable of providing extra estrogen in women. This medicine is also used in the treatment for menopause and its symptoms like hot flashes, irritation, burning and vaginal dryness. In some cases, this drug can be used in the cure for cancer in men and women.

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Menopause is a widespread disorder in older women that has such characteristics as the absence of menstrual periods for 12 months, hot flashes, vaginal irritation and the problems with the ovarian function. According to a statistic, the average menopause age is 51 year. However, in some cases women of 30 or 60 years old can also experience this unpleasant symptom. As menopause is connected with the lack of estrogen, the reproductive function of women is greatly affected. It means that these women lose their ability to reproduce. That is why the intake of Generic Premarin can be helpful in this situation as it contains the conjugated estrogens.

A poison for a baby

As a rule, the female breast actively produces milk after the birth of a child. The amount of the mammary glands does not play a significant role, as they produce the same biological substance – white nutrient liquid for the baby feeding. This natural regularity seems to be so matter-of-course that we cannot imagine anything else. In the rare cases, a female body can produce liquid that is dangerous for a baby and can lead to the child death. Such phenomenon is called in the scientific world as “thanatophoric mamma”, from Greek – “a mammary gland that likes death”. There were only a few anomalies that have been evidenced by the scientists. Within the last decade, there have been only two cases in Europe, three in the USA and eight in Jordan.

That is why this phenomenon has only a few studies. However, the mechanism of this disorder has a certain explanation. An organism of a future mother exchanges the blood with a fetus and gets the complete data about its genetic code. If this fetus has serious complications, the brain of a woman signals the mammary glands about such genetic problems and these glands produce poisonous liquid. This natural way of destruction of the generation with the genetic problems seems to be very cruel.

The same phenomenon can be observed in the animals that are closely connected with the human beings. In 1992, the Australian scientists studied the sexual behavior of the monkeys-gibbons. The research group studied the vaginal microflora of the female monkeys after their pairing. The scientists were stunned as they discovered in one of the samples a poison in the small concentrations called neurotoxin. After several studies it was found out that the sexual organs of the female monkeys produced a poison after the pairing. As these monkeys were forced to the copulation, this was the reaction of an organism on such violence. This phenomenon is supposed to be present in the human beings. However, there are no studies that confirm this theory.


Pharmacological Action

Generic Premarin is the medicine that consists of the conjugated estrogens that are helpful for the avoiding of the symptoms of menopause. Estrogen is a sex hormone of women that is produced by the ovaries. This medicine is helpful in many processes of a female organism. Premarin tablets prevent such disease as osteoporosis that is inherent to women in the postmenopausal period. Women who experience the ovarian failure and other health conditions that lead to the lack of estrogen can also use this medication. You can buy Generic Premarin with the discount on the online pharmacy.

Indications of Generic Premarin

The intake of Premarin pills should be prescribed by your doctor. It is prohibited to take the drug in larger or smaller amounts. As this medicine can lead to uterine cancer, a doctor may prescribe you the intake of progestin together with Generic Premarin to avoid this disease. Very often, women take this medicine every day. In some cases, the drug is used in a cycle – a woman takes Premarin during 3 weeks that are followed by 1 week off. Report any vaginal bleeding and the signs of Premarin pills in your stool.


This medicine should be stored in a temperature room away from moisture and heat. Keep Generic Premarin far from children in the closed container. If you suffer from certain problems with your sexual function, try cheap Female Cialis. This medicine stimulates the genital arousal and intensifies orgasm.

Contraindications of the Drug

Generic Premarin should not be used by pregnant women. Other health conditions that prevent the intake of this drug are cardiac diseases, stroke, thrombophlebitis, mammary cancer, asthma, blood clot, abnormal bleeding, liver disorders, breast or uterine cancer and hypersensitive reaction to estrogens. Another effective medication for the genital arousal is Female Viagra 100 mg - a Sildenafil drug.


Avoid smoking with Premarin as it can lead to the problems with the heart. Tell your doctor if you use certain herbals and vitamins.

Side Effects

This medicine can cause breast pain, hair loss, swelling, breast lump, blood clot and the signs of stroke. If you suffer from BPH, use Generic Avodart by Cipla and Intas Pharmaceuticals.

Brief description of Premarin

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception
Conjugated Estrogens12460elevated blood pressure-mammary cancer

estrogen-dependent cancers


thromboembolic disease

diseases of the circulatory system

liver, kidney
headache, nausea, vomiting, weight gain, swelling, uterine bleeding, skin pigmentation, erythema nodosum,
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