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Short review Tadalis® Sx

Brand(s): Tadalis Sx
Manufacturer: Ajanta
Ajanta Pharmaceuticals invented a new Tadalafil medication used in the treatment for sexual dysfunction in men. This medicine is called Tadalis Sx. This drug possesses such advantage as the improved onset of action. In 15 minutes a man can achieve a strong erection. The erectile function is active only if a man is sexually aroused. Tadalis Sx makes men sexually capable for 36 hours. The drug can be bought only with a doctor’s prescription. Before the intake of Tadalafil tablets, examine your general state of health.

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Tadalis® Sx

Nose and Sex

The scientists have found out that the disorders of a sexual character influence the functioning of the nose. The changes of the female sexual organs lead to the changes of their nose. They may include swelling, dryness, atrophy of the mucosa, bleeding and disorders of the smelling function. In turn, the changes in the “sex spots” of the nasal mucosa can result in the problems connected with the female menstrual cycles and the complications during childbirth.

According to the statistic, the researchers have made a conclusion that irritation of the nasal mucosa has greater impact on the sexual function of the male and female population comparing with other types of irritation. Men also experience such problems. It is connected with the fact that the internal tissue of the nasal cavity is analogous to the cavernous bodies of the penis. The strong running nose or another similar disease overflows the internal tissue with the blood and leads to the nasal swelling. Moreover, the nasal mucosa and the sinuses can include 50 ml of the blood that is similar to the erectile stimulation.

It means that the blood vessels of the nasal cavity are tensed. In the result of such tension, the receptors in the nasal cavity work with certain deformations. In such way, these receptors send the false messages to a human brain about the state of the blood vessels. These failures can influence the operation of other organs of a human body including the sexual and reproductive functions. The signals about vasorelaxation of the penis are perceived with the distortions that can lead to erectile dysfunction in 3 % of the male population.

Eyes and Sex

After a range of different experiments, the scientists have found out that people with the high level of the sexual needs have weaker vision comparing with people who are not so dependent on sexual activity. The scientists explain this phenomenon in such way: sex “abuse” weakens the nervous system that influences the ocular pressure and retina in a negative way.

However, there is a certain feedback. People who experience different eye disorders have higher sensitivity of their body comparing with those who do not experience the problems with vision. It means that such men and women should be more inclined to sexual activity. As a rule, people with vision problems are great sexual partners. Maybe, this fact concerns the Japanese people, who are thought to be inventive and good at sex.

Tadalis Sx

Pharmacological Action

Tadalis Sx is a medicine that affects the male circulatory system. The blood circulation to the penis is increased due to the influence of a PDE 5 inhibitor Tadalafil. The relaxed muscles lead to the erectile stimulation that lasts 36 hours. A man can be sexually active only if he has libido. This medication can be used by men without hypersensitivity to Tadalafil. You can order this medicine with the discount on the online pharmacy.

Tadalis Sx Indications

Use Tadalis Sx tablets if you feel the problems with the erectile maintenance. A doctor should prescribe a dose corresponding to your health peculiarities. Do not use more than the maximum dose of the medication that consists of Tadalafil 20 mg. Take a medicine in 15 minutes, before making love. If you have hypersensitive reaction to Tadalafil, try a Vardenafil drug called Levitra Oral Jelly 20 mg with the operating time up to 12 hours.


Men with certain diseases are contraindicated for the intake of Tadalis Sx. Such diseases include the problems with the cardiovascular system, diseases of the circulatory system, vision disorders, liver failure, kidney diseases, allergy to Tadalafil and penis deformations. If you suffer from hair loss, try Generic Propecia by Ajanta or Dadha Pharma.

Interaction of Tadalafil pills

Some products and medicines are forbidden with the simultaneous intake of Tadalafil. They are drugs that contain nitrates, other ED medications, pills for HIV and AIDS cure, tablets for yeast and fungal infections, alcohol drinks and grapefruit juice. The intake of fatty food is allowed together with Tadalis Sx. You can buy cheap Silagra USA online manufactured by Cipla.

Side Effects

The use of Tadalis Sx can lead to some negative consequences. Patients who take Tadalis Sx report on such side effects as: a mild headache, dizziness, seizures, problems with breathing, blurred vision, increased heartbeat, nasal congestion, back pain and dyspepsia. If you feel that these side effects do not disappear, it is obligatory to go to hospital and ask for the immediate medical treatment.

Brief description of Tadalis® Sx

Active ingredientDosage day
Operating time
Onset of action
simultaneous reception
Not allow
simultaneous reception
Tadalafil13615fatty foodsalcohol


grapefruit juice
circulatory system

liver failure
mild headache, dyspepsia, back pain, nasal congestion
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