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Male sexual capacity is an important factor of normal sexual life for every man. Nowadays, a lot of men suffer from erectile dysfunction which is characterized by an inability to maintain an erection and to be sexually active. Such disease can cause serious problems in the relationships and in a family. Erectile dysfunction or male impotence can be treated with a help of a surgery or with the intake of medications which are invented for ED treatment. In the category “erectile dysfunction”, you can find a medicine that will help to treat the problems of a sexual character.

List of Medicines

Male Sexual Health

Very often men experience the problems that are closely connected with the sexual function. One of such problems is the diseases of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is the important part of many processes in a male body. It deals with mental health, sexual and reproductive functions and other vital health conditions. In the case of the problems with an erection. try cheap Cialis Sublingual by the company Centurion.

The endocrine system is capable of providing the hormones that are the necessary conditions for the normal operating of the sexual function. The hormones development can be affected by diabetes – the disease that damages and decreases the hormonal level. In such way, a man experiences the difficulties with the erectile stimulation. Another thing that influences male sexual capacity is connected with the psychological health. It includes not only stresses, depressions, concerns and problems but also the diseases of the neurological system. These disorders are Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and temporal lobe epilepsy.

Sometimes, men ignore the first signs of the problems with their erection. However, it is required to treat the first symptoms as soon as possible. Men can avoid such treatments options as a surgery, ED tablets and even implants. If you cannot maintain an erection, or you experience short sexual intercourse, inability to delay ejaculations and hypersensitivity of the penis, it is time to do something. Some men start taking special herbal supplements that are advertised as the most effective method against male impotence. However, these botanicals are not approved by Food and Drug Administration, which means that they are not as controlled as the medicines used in the cure for the erectile problems. Such problems can be effectively cured with Try Vigora 100 mg - a Sildenafil drug.

If you do not want to take ED drugs, try some natural treatments that may include a special food diet, sports exercises or certain psychological courses. In some cases, the intake of ED medicines is inevitable. Before the use of this drug, examine your body and be sure that you are not contraindicated to take a particular medication. The Viagra analogs are very widespread among men with ED symptoms. Such drug as Viagra Super Force includes two enzyme inhibitors that are capable of treating PE and ED at the same time.

Erection Killers

Some men can “kill” their sexual function by the intake of certain food products or some addictions. The first thing that causes ED in the majority of patients is cigarettes. Smoking is harmful to the general state of health. But the sexual function is one of the most vulnerable mechanisms of a male body. That is why men are recommended to avoid the addiction to cigarettes or alcohol.

Continual stresses and depressions dampen sexual libido and even cause erectile dysfunction. Men, who use certain antidepressants, have the high risks to be sexually inactive. However, it has been proved that men can treat ED caused by antidepressants with the help of acupuncture. Such feelings as anger, anxiety and fear are the first enemies of men. Remember, anger causes the blood rush to your face, but not to the genitals. The intake of certain drugs such as synthetic hormones and alpha-, beta-blockers can also cause the problems of a sexual character.

The Role of the Eunuchs

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine that men can exist without their sexual organ. However, a lot of kings and emperors of the ancient civilizations were very concerned about their sexual life and they could not let anyone else to seduce their concubines. This was the reason of the eunuch occurrence. The first civilization, which specially selected the eunuchs on the positions of the State officials, was the Assyrian Empire, that dominated in the Middle East in the beginning of the I century BC. This practice was continued by the successors of this empire, including the Persian Empire, founded by Cyrus the Great (559-529 BC), who, according to the Greek writer Xenophon, "personally chose eunuchs for each position, starting from a gatekeeper."

However, the attitude to the sexual abilities of the eunuchs included one misconception: it was assumed that all eunuchs had the absence of sexual desire and ability. However, with the accumulation of knowledge, it was found out that such assumptions are justified only in the case of those eunuchs, who have made the operation in the childhood before their maturity. Those, who became eunuch in the mature age, were very happy to be in a harem. However, when a Shah found out this peculiarity, he ordered to cut off the male reproductive organs of the eunuch. Since then, the castration was carried out in two ways: the removal of the testicles ("small print") and the removal of the penis and the testicles ("large print").

Except the Islamic countries, the eunuchs were also very widespread in China for more than two thousand years. Such procedure was forbidden only in the beginning of the XX century. Chinese emperor was surrounded by the eunuchs, who took the positions of the guards, spies and pimps. Every night, spent by the emperor and his wife, was fixed by a eunuch from the Chamber of the Important Cases. The honored eunuchs had their own houses, servants and carriages. Sometimes, they were permitted to adopt children. Very often, the eunuchs influenced the political life of a country.
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