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Generic Viagra 100mg

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Viagra (active ingredient is Sildenafil) is the drug in medicine, aimed at restoring the normal reaction of the man on the excitation light erectile dysfunction.
Kamagra® Sildenafil

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Kamagra is modern medication to treat erectile dysfunction of various recovery and potency in men. It allows you to achieve sexual stimulation by increasing blood vessels of the penis.
Tadacip Tadalafil 20mg

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The drug Tadacip has been worked out to make it easier for men to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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Cheap and Safe

Erectile DysfunctionA lot of people are concerned about the quality of generic medicines. They believe that the cheap prices of such drugs indicate on their bad efficiency and other disadvantages. However, the intake of brand medication, especially on a regular basis, will cost you a lot of money. According to a statistic, the rate of generic drugs is much higher than it was several decades before. In 1984, there were only 19% of prescriptions for the generic drugs. Today, the amount of prescriptions in the USA is 54%.

Moreover, the American doctors prescribe approximately 8 out 10 generic medications. Why is it so? The first factor, that influences the choice of people, is that such tablets are cheaper comparing with the original medicines. The cheap price of these products has several explanations. First of all, the generic versions are not so advertised. The second and the most significant factor is that the researchers and inventors of the analogs do not have to spend money and time on the creation of a new chemical formula. Such process can take months and even years. In many cases, the research works, which demand a lot of money, are not successful.

The producers of the generic medicines have the right to use the invented chemical ingredient only after the termination of a patent. Such patent is given by Food and Drug Administration for the production of the newly invented medicine. This patent provides the monopoly for a company that succeeded in the creation of an original drug. The patent duration can be different. But, in the majority of cases, a company can be the monopolist for twenty years. When a chemical ingredient becomes available, every pharmaceutical company can use this element for its own purposes.

Demands to the Generic Drugs

First of all, the production of the generic products, including the field of ED treatment, is strictly regulated by FDA like in the case with the original ED drugs. Very often, the invented medicines of a generic nature do not meet the demands of this organization. In the result, these products are not permitted for the mass-production or the usage by the patients with the signs of male impotence. Such generic version of Brand Cialis as Generic Cialis Daily 20 mg is very popular among men with ED.

In any case, the limitations for the drugs production are strict and severe. It concerns not only the generics but also the original medicines. Such factors as quality, purity, potency and strength are the most demanded and required for a generic version. FDA also limits the variations in size, effectiveness, chemical ingredients, dosage forms and the route of administration. The obligatory condition is the main active ingredient. In the case of such popular ED drugs as Brand Viagra 100 mg, Brand Cialis and Brand Levitra, this factor plays a significant role.

These ED medicines are the most trusted and prescribed for ED cure. Their active ingredients are Sildenafil Citrate, Vardenafil and Tadalafil. In the case of Viagra analogs, it is necessary to have Sildenafil in the chemical formula. For example, such Viagra generic as Viagra Super Active should have the same dosage, PDE 5 inhibitor and effectiveness. Other generic versions should also meet these demands.

The Famous Lover

Everyone knows the great works of the famous writer Guy de Maupassant. His biography is full of the passionate and intimate stories that made the writer even prouder than his creative activity. According to some sources, Maupassant had thousands of women during his lifetime. He was considered as the great lover and the expert in women. The writer was so popular among the female part of the population due to his sexual qualities. First of all, he could make love without the ejaculations for hours. He also experienced a lot of orgasms and he could bring to orgasm almost every woman for several times during sexual intercourse.

According to the words of the writer, he had been practiced masturbation since 12 years old. At the age of 16, he experienced his first sexual activity that brought a lot of pleasure and great feelings. Maupassant believed that his unusual ability to prolong sexual activity was quite natural. A lot of his friends and writers did not believe in such a “talent”. However, he could prove his sexual endurance to everyone in a brothel. Another extraordinary ability of the writer was to have a stable erection any time he wanted.

The Most Scandalous Homosexual

Another famous writer owned the title of the most scandalous homosexual. It was Oscar Wilde, who was married and had two children. The writer rejected to have intimacy with his wife and started his homosexual life. His first “love” was a 17-year old boy, who loved the writer until the end of life. The second lover of Wilde was a young poet and Lord Alfred Douglas. Their relationships were not approved by a father of Alfred, who suited Oscar for the child sexual abuse. As it was found out, one ponce delivered for the writer the young boys. In the result of the hearing, Oscar Wilde and his ponce were arrested. It was the most sensational court hearing in the English history.

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