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Male Sexual Capacity

Erectile DysfunctionSexual capacity is considered to be the most problematic factor of the male health. The most widespread disorders of a sexual character are erectile dysfunction, problems with the ejaculation, infertility and the absence of sexual libido. Unfortunately, these diseases appear in men starting from 18 years old. The reason for such tendency is not the only one, as there are a lot of factors that can lead to the problems with the sexual function. Women can also experience the absence of sexual desire. In such case, cheap Female Viagra can stimulate the genital arousal.

First of all, the male and female health is influenced by the ecological problems such as the polluted air and water every day. The various chemicals in the high concentrations affect our general state of health. The eating habits are also very important for the normal operation of the sexual function. Some products can even prevent the problems with the erectile maintenance.

Other factors that influence male sexual capacity are psychological disorders and physiological problems. As every man experience certain difficulties and problems in his life, this factor often leads to erectile dysfunction. However, men can also experience fear and anxiety before sexual intercourse. Such factors influence the mental health of a patient and can result in male impotence or premature ejaculation. The last condition is more inherent to the young men who have not experience the sexual relationships before. Premature ejaculation can also be caused by the hormonal deficiency in an organism.

PE is a condition that prevents men from the long sexual activity. The intake of some medicines can also be the reason for an inability to delay the ejaculating process. This inability can be prevented by the usage of Dapoxetine medication called Generic Priligy 60 mg. The absence of sexual desire is a health condition that occurs in men who have the problems with the level of testosterone or other hormones that deal with the sexual function in men.

ED Prevention

Some men with ED believe that the only one method of erectile dysfunction cure is the intake of the medications. However, such therapy is prescribed only in the cases, when this disorder cannot be prevented by the natural treatments. The doctors recommend taking only healthy food that includes a lot of nutrients and other useful elements for the sexual and the reproductive functions. Such products as beef, dairy, green vegetables, nuts and seeds are very useful for men who want to enhance sexual capacity.

An alternative to ED drugs can be a watermelon juice. This juice includes a lot of nutrients that are capable of improving the erectile function in men. The intake of the ginseng root is another great natural method to deprive a man of the problems with the erectile function. Sometimes, people call this root “the herbal Viagra”. But, comparing with Brand Viagra 100 mg, this root causes no side effects and it does not harm the stomach. One has to dry and steam this root before its intake.

It is also recommended to have the settled sleeping schedule. The scientists say that it can help to regulate the process of the erectile maintenance. Another advice is to do sport exercises. However, one should not be addicted to this activity. A body produces a lot of testosterone during sports activity. Such tendency can lead to the problems with an erection.

Sexual Seductresses

In many countries, the cult of sexuality was very appreciated among people of upper classes. Almost everyone is aware of such Chinese girls as geishas, who learned the art of love and were capable of providing the greatest sexual pleasure. However, other ancient cultures also had the specially trained women who were respected in the society. In Ancient Egypt, there was a special clan of women. They represented a corporation of the dancers, singers and musicians. They were called “almei” that meant “trained”.

People chose almei from the most beautiful and honorable women, who were well-educated and learned such arts as singing, literature, science, poetry, dancing and playing different musical instruments. The flexibility and charm of their body were overwhelming. These women possessed stunning beauty and they could control the attention of every man. Very often, the obscenity of their poses during a dance crossed any rules acceptable to other people. The bodies of these women were barely closed and they gave themselves up to sensitivity and the erotic movements.

In Ancient Greece, there were women who possessed a lot of advantages, including the possibility to deliver pleasure. Greeks called these women Thais. The best prostitute school Corinth taught these women not only to please a man but also to be a good speaker, philosopher and musician. As a rule, a rich patron paid for their clothes, lessons and other living conditions. Such Thais were very successful among men of that time.

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