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Men and women have a lot of common diseases and disorders that may be treated in the same way. Still, a female organism is characterized by the individual peculiarities which demand special care and treatment. It is very important for a woman to examine her state of health on a regular basis and to treat various disorders that may harm an organism. A lot of pharmaceutical corporations invent medications that effectively treat disorders in the different spheres of female health care. The category “female health” provides a wide range of such medications.

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Female Health

Women experience a lot of disorders connected with their sexual ability. The most common and widespread problems of the female sexual function include the absence of sexual desire, menopause and infertility. Female Viagra 100 can provide the genital arousal for women, who have no sexual libido. Some of these concerns are inevitable for every woman. We are talking about such phenomenon as menopause. The absence of the menstrual periods means that a woman cannot become pregnant. The natural course of things is that menopause occurs in women who are of 50 years old and much older. However, in some cases women can experience this unpleasant feeling at the age of 30.

Why menopause is often treated with the intake of the drugs? It seems to be the phenomenon that is quite normal to the female nature with the course of time. But, if you experience this disorder, you know the possible symptoms. First of all, women with menopause experience the continual hot flashes, vaginal burnings, bleedings and irritation of their sexual organs. Moreover, during this period a woman have all chances to get osteoporosis or a cardiac disease. Such medicine as Generic Premarin can help a woman to prevent the menopausal period and have the opportunity to become pregnant.

Female Infertility

Such phenomenon as infertility affects men and women all around the world. Women with such diagnosis try to do everything to change the situation, as it is the right of every woman to have a child. There are a particular number of eggs in a female organism. Thus, this number is diminished with time. The same is with the quality of the eggs. After the age of 30, the chances to become pregnant decrease in 3-5% every year. Moreover, there are a lot of factors that influence the female reproductive function and decrease the ability to reproduce. They include frequent stresses and problems, bad ecological situation and certain diseases and other health conditions.

The health conditions that can make a woman infertile are the following. The contact between the egg and sperm can be prevented by the damage to the fallopian tubes. These tubes carry the egg from the ovaries to the uterus. Such problem can occur in the result of the pelvic infections and surgeries. Another condition that leads to fallopian tube damage is endometriosis. The problems with the hormonal level can also result in infertility. As the hormones are closely connected with the ovulation, their damage presents a danger to the female reproductive function.

In the rare cases, women can have a cervical damage. It means that the sperm cannot pass through the cervical canal. However, one can treat it with the help of the intrauterine inseminations. The problems with the urinating function often cause the first signs of infertility. Such phenomenon as unexpected infertility is also possible. In this case, the doctors cannot find out the methods and treatments appropriate for the cure of infertility.

Female sexual dysfunction is characterized by the absence of sexual libido. In such cases, women do not have any desire to participate in sexual activity. Such problems often occur in the result of the hormonal imbalance, an injury or other medical condition. Such women are recommended to take the medications with the PDE 5 inhibitors. Such Tadalafil drug as Female Cialis 20 mg provides the genital arousal and intensifies orgasm.

The Eternal Prostitution

In ancient times, the prostitutes helped men to enhance sexual capacity. Nowadays, these women are also popular. How many the humanity exists, so many wise "fathers of the nation" try to change it. The first documented attempt to improve the moral character of the citizens was made by the Athenian politician Solon in 594 BC. According to Plutarch, he was concerned by "the state of savagery" in the Athenian families. So, Solon decided to teach them the rules of morality. As it turned out, the method chosen by the politician for this good purpose was not marked by the originality.

Solon established the institution of the legal prostitution and placed it under the control of the state to save the honor of Greek women and to eliminate the spread of pederasty among young people in Ancient Athens. He shared all women in two groups: honored and prostitutes. First of all, the politician banned the free prostitution outside the walls of the special establishments. He commanded the married couples to have at least three sexual intercourse per month, that was compensation for the banned prostitution in a country.

For those husbands, he spent money of the Athens Republic on the slaves and put them in the special institutions called dikterions, where these women were supposed to serve the needs of the public prostitution. Athenian prostitutes had to differ from the honored women and they were required to wear the special costumes. The prostitutes were permitted to wear a wreath of the roses. In addition, all of them had to color their hair in yellow. The success of the governmental dikterions and the needs of the male population of the city led to the appearance of the private brothels. And since prostitution was considered as a trade or craft, the owners of these institutions had to pay taxes.
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